Does your fit life need a bit of boost and could use a good dose of inspiring workouts, exercises, recipes, and good old wisdom to get you over the hump?

Pinterest can be a great place to find health and fitness tips and inspirations to spice up your workouts and clean your eating. 
That being said, Pinterest is a crowded place to navigate and finding the pinners who resonate with you is no easy task. 

To give you a head start, we put together a list of 8 amazing health and fitness pinners and their boards on Pinterest you can definitely benefit from. I guarantee that their easy to follow advice, straight to your heart motivational words, and oh so amazing healthy recipes are sure to boost your fit life.

Let me present to your my favorite Pinners and their boards on Pinterest!!! 

1. Skinny Confidential

Laurent from Skinny Confidential shows you how to get fit a chic way. With her, sweaty workouts look much glorifying than I can ever put it, and her fit way of life is flawless and chic. I’m not gonna lie, my favorite board on her Pinterest account is definitely “ + Thin -tini’s” and I’m not even a drinker.

 Glazing over delicious looking drinks make me feel like my life can be that much more fun and bubbly.One day when I decide to taste a bit of alcohol again, I will be sure to pick up a Thin tini recipes of hers like ::cucumber/basil/gin cocktail:: and make a toast to a life of fabulosity. 

Visit The Skinny Confidential's profile on Pinterest.

2. Tone It Up

I’m no 17 year old hanging on the beach enjoying life, but I sure would enjoy getting fit on the beach under the sun if I could like Karena and Katrina from Tone It Up! The new member of Bravo show, Toned Up is on Pinterest too! That means we can get a good dose of beach fitness and tips on how to have a fabulous summer on the beach rocking a sexy slim body.

No, but seriously, these two adorable beach babes transformed many women into beach bombshells like them with their fitness regimens, eating tips, and of course their protein powder called Perfect fit. 

On their Pinterest account, Tone It Up, K & K share all the secrets behind their beauty on Products We Love, fitness on Tone It Up Total Body Toning, and fashion on Our Style, so be sure to follow all of them to level up your sexiness on the beach. 

3. ACE

Let’s get a bit serious now and follow ACE Fitness. If you are looking for a creditable source of workout tips and exercise how-to’s, ACE is your pinner. ACE, American Council on Exercise is a non-profit organization that educates and certifies fitness professionals such as personal trainers, weight management specialists, and fitness nutrition specialists, so you can count on the quality of the advice and tips they give out.

In particular, I find that their board, Workouts & Exericses helpful. It is filled with exercise learning videos that are easy to learn from. All exercises are done in proper forms too, so you can learn how to perform exercise correctly. Get your safety and effectiveness during workout in check with ACE. 

Visit American Council on Exercise's profile on Pinterest.

4. Fit Bottomed Girls

Fit Bottomed Girls has great recommendations and reviews on anything from best workout DVDs to healthy eats. Their Love Yo’Self board is also my favorite. It's filled with great quotes and tips on how to live a happier, less stressful life. Sometimes, living a fit life is not all about fitness and eating. It’s about a balanced life where your mind, soul, and body are all in sync and in a healthy state.

Fit Bottomed Girls definitely understand that element, and I appreciate that about them. I would say their account is more of a cumulative of many great health and fitness accounts, which makes them a great place to start if you are new to Pinterest and looking for a good dose of quality health and fitness pins. 

Visit Fit Bottomed Girls's profile on Pinterest.

5. Pregnancy Exercise

My next fav on Pinterest is Pregnancy Exercise for expecting moms. If you are currently pregnant and wondering what exercises you can and cannot do, follow them.
Sadly, it’s not always obvious what exercises are taboos during your pregnancy and making the wrong moves can hurt you and your little one inside, so it’s extremely important to make a list of exercises that are both safe and effective during your pregnancy. Pregnancy Exercise’s  Pregnancy Exercise board gives you exactly the list you need to stay healthy and fit during prenatal.

How about losing baby weight, you ask. Well, they have a board just for that! Their post pregnancy board features exercises and workouts that help you shake off the baby weight and get you back in shape. It’s definitely a must follow pinner during and after pregnancy. Expecting moms out there, head over to Pregnancy Exercise to have a happy, healthy, enjoyable pregnancy!

Visit Pregnancy Exercise's profile on Pinterest.

6. Damy Health

Amy Layne from Damy Health has a lot of yummy and clean eating tips to share, that kind that even raw vegans would appreciate and rave!
I mean all her desserts from DAMY Raw Recipes are just so yummy looking that it gets me thinking of converting to a raw vegan just to have a legitimate reason to be munching on gilt-free bites like RV Cheesecake on a stick and Raw Nanaimo Bars all day long! All things aside, you definitely don’t have to be a raw vegan to appreciate Amy’s posts.

If you are in need of great smoothie recipes that are tasty and nutritious, I highly recommend checking out her DAMY Smoothies and Green Drinks board to learn how to make green drinks your body appreciates. She has helped numerous women get in shape through her nutritious clean eating. If you need a bit of help cleaning up your eating like me, let Amy be your guide. You won’t be disappointed.  

Visit DAMY Health's profile on Pinterest.

7. Skinny Mom

Are you a mom in constant search of healthy snack, dinner, and kids lunch ideas to satisfy your family’s cravings without sacrificing their health? If so, follow Skinny Mom. She has endless ideas of skinny meals for all cuisine types including Mexican, oriental, Italian, and even little snacks under 200 calories.

If you are mom, consider her as your new healthy mommy friend you go for meal ideas and fitness tips. 
Does your family member have any dietary restrictions? No problem! She got you covered that as well.
She has recipe boards specific to gluten-free and vegetarian filled with recipes that blow your hard to feed family member’s mind away at the dinner table. 

Visit Skinny Mom - Healthy Living for Women's profile on Pinterest.

8. Healthy Seasonal Recipes | Katie Webster

Definitely last but not least, Healthy Seasonal Recipes | Katie Webster surely deserves to be on our Must Follow Pinner List.
Not only her boards are filled with mouth watering good eats, she is as legit as she can be. Katie is a contributing editor at Eating Well Magazine, recipe developer and healthy food blogger at

My favorite board of hers is “Food” with "Recovery peach shake recipe" and "How to make crispy Kale chips”, both must try recipes on my list. Follow her and I personally guarantee that your meals get a delicious make over. On a side note, I also appreciate the beauty of her food images. Quality of images is something all of us, Pinterest users can appreciate, and she definitely gives the best. Thank you Katie. You are definitely my inspration :)

Visit Healthy Seasonal Recipes | Katie Webster's profile on Pinterest.



Don't forget to follow us, Fitwirr on Pinterest. We have collections of exercises and workout plans based on fitness goals,body parts, and exercise type to help you get started on your fit journey.

Our most pouplar board is Bodacious Booty Workout Challenge that features our 7 day series of 7 minute workout challenge to transform your butt to a firm bodacious booty. We also started a new board All Things Fitness to capture questions many women starting to exercise may have. We hope you'll find your answers to the basics of exercising and workouts that will thrust you for years to come.

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I hope you find these amazing pinners helpful and inspiring. Be sure to follow them all to get daily tips on how to get fit, stay in shape, and live healthy!

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