5 Best back workouts for women

5 Best Back Workouts for Women to Get Sleek and Toned Back

These days, it is all about the arms, shoulders and the butt. 

When you checkout your reflection in the mirror after slipping into that sleeves dress, you likely give a quick spin to see how your butt looks but barely notice the muscles behind the shoulders—your back.

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Dumbbell workout for shoulders

9 Great Dumbbell Exercises for an Amazing Shoulder Workout

Nothing has a greater impact on your figure than a pair of well sculpted shoulders.

I think most women can agree that the definition around the shoulders really helps enhance a woman's frame.

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Best #butt #workouts for women

15 Best Butt Workouts from Jen Selter & Amanda Elise Lee

With a butt sensation still riding the wave of most attractive and desired body parts, all #fitgirl and #girlworkout are well, all about butt.

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