Swiss Ball Russian Twist

How to Do Russian Twist on a Swiss Ball

Swiss Ball Russian Twist is a great abdominal exercise that doesn't require flexion of the spine. The instability of an exercise ball automatically forces your abs to engage when you sit or lay on it.

This greater core engagement is what strengthens, tones and sculpts your stomach. 

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Side Plank Rotation

How to Do Side Plank Rotation

Once you can hold the regualar side plank for 60 seconds or longer, advance yourself to this Side Plan Rotation. It's a smarter way to advance your plank than extending the hold time of the same plank.

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Plank to Pushups

How to Do a Dynamic Plank

Dynamic plank also known as plank to push-up is an advanced plank that engages the abs greater than the basic plank exercise. 

Though not widely known, abdominals are made up of 4 ab muscles.

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Plank On One-leg

How to Plank on One-Leg

 If you have been performing the standard plank and can hold the plank position for 60 seconds or more, it's time to challenge your core even more with Single-Leg Plank.

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Bird Dog Exercise

Bird Dog Exercise

"Bird dog exercise" is a bodyweight strength training exercise that targets your glutes, lower back and abs.

This exercise is deceiving because it looks so simple and easy, when it's not. 

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