Triceps dips

Best exercise for your triceps.

The triceps, better known as triceps brachii a "three-headed muscle" is located on the back of your upper arm. 

It's one of the most trouble spots for us, women. 

This area of the arm is often referred to as bat wings. 

And one of the reasons this area is so noticeable is because it makes up for about 75% of your upper arm.

The triceps brachii is mainly responsible for extending the below joint. Or simply, straightening of the arm. 

And one of best exercises to target this muscle is the "dips" or the triceps dip. 

This move is particularly effective because the triceps hold up your entire body weight and move through a full range of motion. 

If you've never done a triceps dip before, no worries. 

Here's how to dip below with the correct form. 

Triceps Dips

1. Sit on the edge of a chair, step or bench. Grasp the seat with your hands on both sides. Make sure your fingers are facing forward and palms facing backwards. Walk your feet out so you can inch yourself off the seat.

Triceps dips exercise position 1

2. Dip your butt down towards the floor by bending your arms. Keep your elbows pointed straight back and tucked in during the movement. 

Triceps dips exercise postion 2

Pause for one second, then straighten your arms to return back up to the starting position. Focus on your using your arms, not legs to lift up your body.

To make the exercise more challenging, take one leg off the ground and do the single leg dip.

One leg triceps dips

Exercise Table

Reps Sets Level Location
12-15 3 Easy Gym or Home

There you have it!


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