Heart Healthy Yogurt

Happy and Heart Healthy Food Yogurt

Yogurt is not only delicious, it is an ideal choice for a healthy snack or even breakfast.

Yogurt is high in calcium and probiotics, both of which have a long list of health benefits. According to the Mayo ... Continue Reading

Coconut Oil Uses

4 Major Benefits of Everyday Coconut Oil Uses

Coconut oil’s popularity is a seemingly new trend, but it has actually been a staple in various tropical regions around the world for many years.

Even though many Americans were not consuming coconut oil during the majority of the 20th century, many of its unique properties were too ... Continue Reading

How many calories are in a pound

How Many Calories are in a Pound?

No matter which mainstream diet trend you follow, they all have one thing in common - calorie restriction.

Anyone looking to lose weight knows that in order to do so, you must burn more calories than you eat, but do you really know how calories affect weight loss?

... Continue Reading