Foods high in fiber

17 delicious High fiber foods you should eat.

Fiber is a type of carbohydrates that can not be digested by the body. 

And because fiber isn't digestible, it passes through to the gut undigested, creating a bulk so the muscles in the intestine can push out waste out the body.

Because it stays undigested throughout, it leaves no calories in the body. 

Fiber offers numerous health benefits including preventing constipation, reducing your risk of colon cancer, and lowering the blood sugar and cholesterol levels. 

It also has tremendous benefits to your weight loss. 

Despite the benefits, most Americans aren't eating enough fiber. 

As a general recommendation, women are to take in 25 grams and men are to eat 38 grams of fiber a day (1).

In reality, Americans only eat 15-17 grams of fiber a day on average, which is about half of the recommended amount(2).

But luckily, taking in more fiber is quite simple. Here, we listed 17 high-fiber foods that are both healthy and fulfilling.

17 High-Fiber Foods

Split Peas 1 cup 16.3 g 65%
Lentils 1 cup 15.6 g 63%
Black Beans 1 cup 15 g 60%
Lima Beans 1 cup 13.2 g 53%
Artichokes 1 cup 10.3 g 41%
Avocados 1 cup 10.1 g 40%
Peas 1 cup 8.8 g 35%
Raspberries 1 cup 8 g 32%
Blackberries 1 cup 7.6 g 31%
Coconut 1 cup/shredded (80) 7.2 g 29%
Sweet Potato 1 cup 6.6 g 26%
Broccoli 1 cup 5.2 g 20%
Pears 1 cup 4.3 g 17%
Beet Greens 1 cup 3.8 g 15%
Brussels Sprouts 1 cup 3.3 g 13%
Banana 1 medium 3.1 g 12%
Apple 1 cup 3 g 12%


Fiber is an important nutrient with numerous health benefits.

It's also a nutrient many of us are deficient of. 

Luckily, adding these high-fiber foods into your diet is relatively easy.

Here are a few foods you can incorporate today to get more fiber in your diet. 

Eat at least 5-9 servings of fruits and vegetables daily.

Substitute whole grains for refined grains (Not applicable to the Paleo diet. If you are gluten-free, avoid bread, pasta, and other wheat-related products)

Eat oatmeal, whole-grain cereal, or bran cereal for breakfast Eat beans, split peas, or lentils at least once a week. Again some of these grains and legumes are not applicable to the Paleo diet. If you eat according to paleo or any other specific diet, look through your allowed food list and incorporate what you can. 

The importance is in the incorporation of fiber-rich foods, and specifics can and should be tailored to your personal needs. 

Here, we introduced 17 high-fiber foods to include in your healthy diet. 

Fiber has numerous health benefits and adding it to your diet can benefit your health and numerous ways.


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