Post Workout Meal

If you've been around the block in the weight loss scene, you probably already know eating is just as important as working out, if not more. While to some women, healthy eating may mean cutting back on calories or eating less, it's really about fueling your body with right foods to suport your body's nutritional needs and fire up your metabolism.

This will trigger your fart burn hormone which would help your body burn fat more efficiently throughout the day. So, whether it's a healthy breakfast or a post-workout snack, always go for foods that can fuel body for success.

Eat to Help Your Body Recover

In fact, the best way to maximize your workout is to ensure your body is receiving the nutrients after a hard sweating session. Cynthia Sass, Registered Dietician, states "It is important to consume snacks that help to repair your muscles and replenish burned glycogen stores. However, these snack should be light and should not leave you feeling stuffed.".

To Have or Not to Have a Post-Workout Snack

That being said, not every workout deserves a post-workout snack. Before getting a bite after your sweat session, pre-qualify your workout to see if you need one. The fact is, most individuals do not exercise hard enough to warrant a post workout snack.

A 30- minute light weight training session, or moderately easy cardio session, are not high intensity enough to deplete your blood sugar levels. Consuming a snack after one of these workouts can actually hinder weight loss because you are replacing all the calories you just burned. 

However, if your workout was intense enough to make you sweat, elevate your heart rate and labor your breathing, you deserve a post-workout snack. 

Here are irresistible post-workout snacks to superset your weight loss. 

6 Best Post Workout Meal

1. Greek yogurt with Chia seeds

2. Tuna with whole grain crackers

3. Protein shake made with whey protein, greens and fruits. 

4. Beef or turkey jerky

5. Kale Chips and Nuts

6. Peanut or almond butter on a slice of spelt bread

The secret to an energy fueling, healthy snack and meal is to pump lean protein, low-starch vegetables, and healthy fats. Make sure to include high-quality protein in your snack and add low sugar fruits or non-starchy vegetables.  


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