Ab workouts for women

Let me guess. Your typical and go-to workout is Yoga or cardio.

Congrats! You are with majority of women who work out.

While I too love some morning Yoga and some high-intensity cardiovascular exercises, they are not always the best ones to give you the rapid results.

Yes, I hate to break the news, but I rather tell you the truth than comfort you with a lie.

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That being said, it doesn't mean you should quit routines and activities that you like and get excited for. You should certainly keep them. They have great benefits of their own.

But if you truly desire results, what you need is exercises that guarantee you a flat stomach

That's why we listed 5 of the best and most effective ab exercises to burn belly fat, tone your muscles, and uncover the abs.

5 Best Ab Workouts to Lose Your Belly Fat Fast

These ab workouts crank up your resting metabolic rate, up your calorie burn and strengthen your core.

They also target your abs from every angle and hit the lower, upper and side abs also called love handles.


By working every surrounding muscles, you'll raise your heart rate in a way a HIIT workout does, so you'll get the benefits of HIIT while maintaining the focus on toning your abs. 

This 5 exercise ab scorching workout takes less than 15 minutes a day.

Perform this 3-4 days a week and enjoy your other favorite fitness activities on your off day. 

How to Perform this Workout

Perform all five exercises in sequence taking minimum rest in between. Rest for 60-120 seconds before begin a new round (set).

Complete 3 rounds of all exercises. 

  1. Plank Hold: 30-60 secs
  2. Bicycle Crunch: 30 secs
  3. Push up Knee Tap 10 reps
  4. Reverse Crunch 10-15 reps
  5. Mountain Climbers 30-45 secs


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